Pesticides in agriculture

In modern agriculture, pesticides are generally used to protect crops against diseases and pests.

The global trend shows an increasing evolution in the use of pesticides to ensure food security and feed increasingly growing populations.

This increase in the use of pesticides also increases the risks associated with their handling. These risks are greater in Africa where we often deal with rural populations who are poorly informed, trained and aware of the dangers linked to the use of pesticides.

The misuse of pesticides can lead to numerous consequences on Sustainable Production, Farmer Health, Food Safety, and the Environment.

Pesticides in agriculture
iGrow mobile app


iGrow is a unique digital solution for farmers, technicians, agronomists, extension workers, researchers and other agricultural professionals.

It allows users to be informed, trained and made aware of integrated crop protection and the reasonable use of pesticides.

The iGrow mobile application allows you to have at your fingertips a tool for identifying the main phytosanitary attacks on your crops, the approved solutions, and the phytosanitary product resellers in your region to be able to supply you. You can also train on the basics of crop protection and be informed of new solutions available.

How it works

The iGrow mobile application has been designed to be easy to use.

     1. Enter the different criteria for:

  • Identify a phytosanitary problem,
  • Search for a crop protection product, or
  • Find a crop protection dealer

     2. Select the result that suits your search

     3. Access the information you are looking for


How iGrow app works

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