We give the opportunity to students and young graduates in Agriculture to carry out practical internships and to follow continuous training on current issues in order to strengthen their capacities and introduce them to entrepreneurship or prepare them for the job market.


Continuing Education

We offer a wide range of training courses that add value to agricultural professionals. The objective of our training is to go beyond academic training and equip rural stakeholders with skills and attitudes for agricultural transformation.

Professional events

We regularly organize seminars, workshops and conferences with the participation of experts in different fields in order to educate the younger generations on particular trades or issues, or to develop their mindset.

Learning by doing

Our immersion program gives a unique opportunity for learners to immerse themselves in a practical environment in order to benefit from exposure to the most advanced agricultural working methods. This gives them the opportunity to learn while practicing in a specific area.

Our training courses are developed for students, graduates and professionals in agriculture who wish to complete their training or improve their knowledge in a specific field of activity.

Agri-Tech & Innovation

Today more than ever, agriculture must develop in order to feed a constantly growing world population. Beyond production in sufficient quantities, agriculture must guarantee healthy and safe food, while taking into account social and environmental issues. We develop and promote ecological solutions for sustainable and self-sufficient agriculture.

Agriculture across the world is undergoing a new technological revolution. The use of digital innovations has enormous potential to support agriculture. However, these technologies must be adapted to the specific conditions of agricultural producers and provide real added value. We work on smart agriculture, precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, digitalization and big data in Agriculture, among others.

Our approach

We want to think outside the box and bring an innovative approach to finding solutions to current issues in agriculture. We are interested in the decisive and still little explored aspects of agriculture, taking into account technological advances and present and future challenges. In our project-based approach, we collaborate with the various players in the agricultural value chain in order to provide relevant solutions.

We work with professionals from various fields of agricultural production in the management of our projects. We include students or young graduates without experience as much as possible in order to give them the opportunity to acquire practical experience and make our contribution to the training of the next generation of farmers.

We collaborate with actors of the value chain including agricultural producers (both small producers and large agro-industries), agricultural entrepreneurs and investors, suppliers and distributors of agricultural inputs, universities and training schools, training centers. agricultural technology research and development companies to name just a few.

Become a Member of an Innovative Farming Community

We have created a Facebook group “FARMERS TO FARMERS” which brings together amateurs and professionals of agriculture in order to discuss different themes related to agriculture and to support each other.


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