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Agronomic Services

We help you turn your farming activity into a lucrative business

We strive to provide you with expert advice, tools, techniques and training to help you achieve the desired results and use resources and inputs efficiently.

We offer services covering your entire production system, including setting up business plans, planning operations, acquiring inputs, soil analysis and fertilization plans, disease and pest management, and more.

In our project-based approach, we work with a network of consultants recognized in their fields. We also collaborate with various industry players such as laboratories, research centers, training centers, input suppliers.

Agribusiness Development

We support companies in the agricultural value chain in their various projects including:
– Market studies
– Putting together business plans
– The implementation of marketing strategies
– Development and certification of new products
– Business development
– Sales team training
– Connection with local partners
– And many others…

Our team has developed and registered more than a hundred fertilizers and crop protection products in West and Central Africa. We collaborate with major players in the plant industry and have a good knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding the agricultural sector. We know the local clientele well and have carried out numerous market studies.

Recruit an agronomist

Whether it’s for your business or for a particular project, finding competent people with the required experience in the agricultural field can be a difficult task. The best candidates are not necessarily actively looking for new opportunities.

We specialize in the recruitment of agricultural production executives. Our team of talent hunters helps you find the rare pearl. We will find the candidates who meet your requirements, make the selection and offer you only a shortlist of potential recruits. We have access to a network of more than 1,000 Agricultural Engineers in the various fields of agricultural production.

Efficiency, confidentiality and customer satisfaction are the elements that allow us to differentiate ourselves. In addition, candidates are assessed by people in the business to ensure their suitability for the proposed assignments.