We Are AgricAdvisors!

A panel of professionals specialized in different fields of Tropical Agriculture

Crop Production & Protection

Husbandry & Animal Health

Agricultural Extension & Rural Engineering

We work as a team to ensure the success of each project we manage
Commitment, Trust and Teamwork in achieving a common goal are the foundation of our success


Our Story

This project originated on the benches of an amphitheater of a School of Agronomy. Young Agricultural Engineers students, we caressed the ambition to accomplish great things and dreamed of changing the world through this noble profession we had chosen to practice. Each of us had great ideas to achieve this common goal.

More than a decade later, we realize that this dream of changing the world has dissipated in the interests of the companies for which we have worked to earn our lives. Our different opportunities and career ambitions have separated us physically and have refrained from this dream of youth. With these experiences, we decided to pool our efforts and ideas to build something bigger than our personal ambitions. This is how AgricAdvisors was born.

Our Ambition

AgricAdvisors brings together professionals in tropical agriculture, regardless of their geographical location, but for the sole purpose of developing tropical agriculture. We have the ambition to become the largest professional network and a benchmark for innovation in tropical agriculture.

Our Passion

We care about people, we care about agriculture, we care about the environment. 
We are motivated by the desire to bring about profound changes in agriculture because we believe that "Every generation gets a chance to change the world".



Ecological Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa



“The agricultural economy employs 65-70% of Africa’s labor force and typically account for 30-40% of GDP.” The World Bank, 2013

“Africa has the largest share of the world’s surface area suitable for sustainable agricultural production expansion, accounting for roughly 45% of the global total.” The World Bank, 2013

“Cereal yields – major staple foods of the most population – in Africa are lower than half the world average.” FAO 2015

Something must be done! Things must be changed!

That's why we have initiated this project